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Everything from foie gras to scallops is now being recreated for meat-free diners, but how do they taste – and can they pass for the real deal?

From pasta made of peas to hemp-based milk, supermarket shelves aren’t always quite what they seem these days. Never is that more the case than with meat, where an increasing number of alternatives are hitting the shelves – including sausages stuffed with edamame and a new range of burgers that “bleed” (beetroot, that is) about to hit the shelves of Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

The reasons are obvious – meat-eating is cruel, environmentally ruinous (accounting for 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions) and often unhealthy, too – recent studies have found raw samples contain increasing amounts of plastics, antibiotics and even faecal matter (a trend still to catch on in the food trucks of east London). All this explains why Quorn is on course to…

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