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Trying to enforce vegan alternatives to phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’ will only reinforce negative associations of veganism

In 1801, Vice Admiral Nelson is said to have deliberately raised his telescope to his blind eye and insisted he couldn’t see a sign from his superior telling him to withdraw from the Battle of Copenhagen. This is where the phrase “turn a blind eye” is said to have originated. However, future idioms may not have such a colourful story of origin, thanks to those arguing we should rephrase those that mention meat and animals into anodyne, plant-based phrases.

The animal rights group Peta says that many common phrases in the English language perpetuate violence toward animals. The organisation caused a stir when it argued on Twitter that phrases such as “bring home the bacon” trivialise cruelty to animals, going so far as to compare such phrases to using racist, homophobic or ableist…

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