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Customers were nothing but grateful when Ben & Jerry’s debuted its inaugural non-dairy flavors in 2016. We were even more appreciative of the recent additions such as Non-Dairy Netflix & Chill’d and “Milk” & Cookies. However, the taste of these fabulous flavors kept us wanting more, and the longing for a vegan Phish Food intensified. Back in 2019, the company told this VegNews editor that this particular flavor presented a formidable hurdle: vegan marshmallow. Ever loyal to its fans, Ben and Jerry’s dedicated flavor gurus set to work on the problem, and soon, they prevailed. Curious as to why vegan marshmallow proved so challenging, we interviewed one of the food scientists behind this new flavor, Natalia Butler, as well as vegan marshmallow brand Dandies Director of Marketing, Dan Reed. Here’s everything you need to know about the delicious science behind vegan marshmallows. 

Why aren’t marshmallows vegan

Conventional marshmallows do not contain egg…

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